Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Mother, Pastor and Daughter Connection


When I was pastor of the Cathedral of the Assumption from1983-1997, one of the fans of my preaching was a wonderful woman named Jeanne Paradis of the Bert and Jeanne Paradis family. Jeanne Paradis is probably the one most responsible for getting me into the book writing business. She financed the printing of my first book of homilies by CROSSROADS PRESS in New York. Since then, I have published thirty more books ( Jeanne passed away January 9, 1995 (I was at her home when she died*), but her influence on my life and ministry certainly lives on! *Since I did not plan for this blog post to come out on her anniversary (it just happened) I have the feeling she is still pulling for me to this very day. 

Now, I am happy to announce that her daughter, Kris, who lives in Naples, Florida, has published her first book - an inspirational children's book.
She has also told me that her second children's book is well on its way.  
I want to encourage her just as her mother encouraged me. 


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