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BORN APRIL 28, 1944 

I am not one who puts much stock in astrology, but once in a while it seems to be "on target," as it does in this personality type description. 

While a few things don't seem to be true of me ("patient" and "outdoorsy"), I was amazed at how much of it is! I have actually heard people describe me with some of the exact words found here.  


Male Taurus Positive Traits:

  • Generous
  • Extremely Focused
  • Loyal
  • Patient
  • Determined
  • Kind Heart
  • Prefers Simplicity
  • Stable
  • Goal Driven
  • Good Business People
  • Loves the outdoors

Male Taurus Negative Traits:

  • Materialistic
  • Stubborn Streak
  • Self-Indulgent
  • Laziness
  • Prone to Burnout
  • Overly Protective
  • Opinionated
  • Tagged with being “Dull”

Taurus Man Personality

Taurus Man Background

Taurus is considered a fixed sign, which is a 25-cent term for a zodiac sign that prefers things to remain unchanged. If you are Taurus, you were born in the “Second House” of the Zodiac sky.
This house represents things of value and that hold meaning. This means human relationships as well as material possessions. A main Taurus trait relates to possession. This not said in a pejorative sense as there is spiritual meaning involved in the mix.
Taurus is an Earth sign with its zodiac symbol being the bull. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) all share the common trait of being grounded and focused on the here and now. This is different than other signs, such as Pisces (a water sign) that lives in a bifurcated world of fantasy and the past.

Taurus Man Traits That Stand Out

The key traits of the Taurus man personality are twofold: 1). this sign prefers independence and autonomy. Taurus signs do not like being told what to do or forced into situations where they feel uncomfortable. They also don’t like to play follow the leader. Instead, they prefer to take on the role of leader. 2) Taurus signs are extremely determined. 
Once a Taurus sets his/her mind to doing something, there is nothing in the galaxy that can stop them. They will pursue their identified goal until it is reached – even if this comes at great personal sacrifice (health, relationships, etc).
Taurus men also are huge lovers of mother nature and really get into being in the outdoors. That’s because Taurus is an earth sign and naturally connects with all of the elements present in nature.
Men who are Taurus generally are into hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing and tons of other outdoor activities. It is a core personality trait.

Taurus Man as a Friend

Simply put, Taurus signs make for an excellent friend. This is an astrological zodiac sign that is careful about whom it associates with and is known for taking time before bonding in the platonic sense with another.
Once in Taurus’s fold, you will have a super loyal friend that will defend you until the end. Because Taurus is known for living a somewhat lavish lifestyle, they usually invite those who are close to join them in the fun. Not a bad Taurus trait when you think about it.

Taurus Men: Career and Money

Because Taurus is a goal focused sign, they naturally possess strong career and financial skills. Most all Taurus born men and women know what career they want to be in and the path they wish to take. Because this sign is highly practical, they are adverse to wasting money.
While they enjoy living a good lifestyle, it doesn’t come at the expense of the things that have to be paid first – like utilities, credit cards and so forth. Again, a major Taurus trait is practicality.
Coincidentally, Taurus men share this trait with a somewhat similar sign; Male Capricorns. No surprise given both are earth signs. 

Taurus Man Personality and General Temperament

Taurus signs are stable. They don’t experience a bunch of mood swings like other zodiac signs, such as Cancer or Pisces. When initially meeting a Taurus, they can be very charming and magnetic. Part of this is a function of their competitive nature, which commands them to try and win people over. Once that happens however, they charm dulls a bit.

Taurus Man Psychological Traits

While the Taurus man has a stable personality, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft spot. This is one sign that is highly sensitive to criticism – both imagined and real. When interacting with a Taurus, be mindful of your body language and tone. Taurus born signs will sometimes mistake something unintentional on the part of others as negative or critical in nature.
Part of this has to do with their built in defense mechanisms against getting hurt. That’s just the way the bull is wired. Don’t try to change this in someone you know who is Taurus because it won’t work and could backfire.

Taurus Man Personality and Anxiety

Because Taurus is a fixed sign (the other ones are Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius), it is not fond of change. In fact, they prefer things to remain constant. If a Taurus believes that a change in routine is about to happen or something will be altered as part of their regular ritual, they become anxious.
In relationships, this can cause Taurus to have an anxious attachment style, which can be overwhelming. The key thing to remember here is that Taurus anxieties are usually triggered by a fear of change or loss.

Taurus Man Personality Summed Up

Taurus is a leadership sign. Determination, extreme focus and goal attainment are all part of this sign’s personality. A side-effect of this determination however can be stubbornness. As a result, this hyper-focused approach to reaching an identified goal can cause Taurus to engage in conflicts with others. Here, we are talking about co-workers, superiors and loved ones. Taurus will work himself/herself into the ground if left unchecked because they lack the ability to see self-harm.
Taurus sign personalities like their routines and ritualization. Their circadian rhythm is wired very well because of the strong attachment to scheduled activities. This sign also pays particular attention to its environment with an emphasis on the home.
Taurus signs like a comfortable, nurturing environment that promotes restoration and security. In short, these are home-bodies that are perfectly content chillaxing on the couch. It is for this reason they are often tagged as being “dull”. While others may view this as a negative trait, Taurus signs find inner-peace and harmony in ritualization.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018



Getting Started

One of Many Prayer Times During the Week


1.To help energize the faith of our people with happy gospel music and powerful preaching. 

2. To help inspire priests to work together as a team with their bishops to deliver higher quality spiritual leadership to their people.

3. To earn money for the missions of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines by leading these priest retreats and offering parish missions back home.

4. I am trying to live simply in my retirement on my social security,  my diocesan pension and what I have saved, while spending some of my time doing extra work to help some of the poor Catholic dioceses in the Caribbean, especially the Diocese of Kingstown in the poor country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  

June 20 - 28,

It will be a very busy trip  

I will be offering a retreat for the deacons and their wives. I will fill in for a priest who had a stroke with three of his Sunday Masses. 
I will help prepare for the kids computer camp we will be sponsoring in July. 
I will visit the two orphanages I like to support and take them some snacks. 
I will have a serious planning meeting with the bishop about future projects and needs. 
I hope to have another meeting with the Minister of Health about another shipping container of surplus medical supplies. 
I am trying to leave a few hours open to meet some new people and for God to surprise me! 


You may not be able to go with me in person, but you can support the cause. I go in all our names. 
If you are interested in knowing more about how you can help, contact me. 

I keep an eye on all the money we send down to make sure it is used wisely and properly. 
I try not to make them dependent on me, but independent.
I expect them to express gratitude to donors in a timely way. 
It is our policy to help strengthen  the institutions that help the many (orphanages, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, computer camps for kids, the diocesan centre and parishes), rather than help only a few individuals. 

If you can help, I will add it to what I earned this week in Canada. I will make sure it gets to the right place. 
Every bit helps!
Every bit you give to them gives me energy to keep going!

I thank the Diocese of London, Ontario for their generous
stipend for this week's retreat, which I will turn over to my mission projects.

make check out to:
St. Bartholomew Church SVG MISSIONS

and send to me

Father Ronald Knott
1271 Parkway Gardens Court
Louisville, KY 40217


Tuesday, May 29, 2018




You can see the Space Needle off in the distant skyline in the haze. 



May 28 - June 1, 2018


Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Dabrowski, CSMA (left) and Bishop Fabbro CSB  (right) 
Both are charming, each in their own way! It's has been very rewarding to work with them. 


egg plant soup
short ribs
cappuccino dessert

Father Ben Raze (left) and Father Ronnie Tagnines are Filipinos 
 They knew Filipino priests I had met all over Canada and the US from the photos I had in my camera. 

Father Hoang Nguyen, O.F.M, Cap. is Vietnamese. He lives with the retired bishop (a fellow OFM, Cap Franciscan) of the Diocese of Nelson in western Canada where I had led his presbyteral assembly a couple of years ago. I actually stayed at the bishop's house while I was out there. The bishop cooked a most delicious mixed sea food grill fettuccine dish.

Bishop John Corriveau, OFM, Cap.
Retired Bishop of the Diocese of Nelson, British Columbia,

Sunday, May 27, 2018


When the eleven disciples saw Jesus, they worshiped
                  even as they doubted.                          
 Matthew 28

One of the things that happens when you read the Bible on a regular basis, like I do, is that even familiar passages are always speaking to you in new ways. It happened again a couple of years ago when I read today’s gospel, a text that I had read and preached on many times. That was the first time I noticed the words, “When the eleven remaining disciples (Judas had committed suicide) saw Jesus after his resurrection, they worshiped even as they doubted.”

“They worshiped Jesus even when they doubted.” That’s pretty much the opposite of what we do. When we doubt, we quit worshiping. We assume that worshiping is only for believers. People, in our experience, who doubt quit worshiping! So why would these disciples worship Jesus, if they doubted Jesus?

The first thing many people assume about faith is that doubt is the opposite of faith. Not true! Honest doubt is not the opposite of faith. There is faith even in honest doubt.  Honest doubt is actually an integral part of faith. When Matthew tells us that the disciples “worshipped even when they doubted,” he wants us to know this basic principle: honest doubt was part of the faith, even for those who were closest to Jesus. The Easter stories, we have been reading, are a mixture of faith and doubt. The disciples are presented as very skeptical about Mary Magdalen’s report about seeing Jesus alive on that first Easter Sunday. Thomas, flat-out refused to believe until he saw Jesus with his own eyes and touched Jesus with his own hands.  On the road to Emmaus, other disciples were astounded by the report of Jesus being seen alive and did not recognize him walking right beside them on the road. Even after many reports, even after having seen him themselves, they worshipped, even as they doubted. Yes, the message is simple: faith is never black and white, all or nothing, but always mixed with a good measure of healthy doubt.  Doubt does not necessarily mean you don’t have faith. Doubt probably means you do have faith!

“They worshiped, even as they doubted.”  The bigger question than whether doubt is part of faith, is what to do when you doubt. Many, when they doubt, absent themselves from prayer and worship until faith returns or becomes strong again. They say to themselves, “It is hypocritical for me to pretend to believe when I really don’t believe. When I start believing, when my faith is strong again, then it will make sense for me to start praying and worshipping.” That may sound good, even reasonable, but that’s not how it works! As the disciples teach us today, what really works is for us to pray through our doubt, to worship until we believe.  Like a coal, pulled away from a heap of burning coals, soon loses its heat, a doubter separated from the community of believers loses even more of his faith. Faith begets faith and doubt begets doubt.

“They worshipped, even as they doubted.”  This may be yet another version of the great truth: “fake it till you make it.” Even though Alcoholics Anonymous made that idea famous, it actually goes back to the ancient Roman poet, Ovid who said, “Pretend to what is not, and then you’ll become in truth, what you are pretending to be.”  The great philosopher William James put it this way, “Act as if and the mind will produce your desire.” The idea is, if you take something that feels impossible, or at least completely unnatural, and pretend that it is the easiest, most natural things on the world for you to be doing, eventually, it will become as easy as you have been pretending it to be!

I practice this often in my own life. (1) As many of you know from me talking about my history, I grew up pretty much crippled by bashfulness. Bashful people find it painful to be in public situations. To cope, they are driven to avoid public situations as much as possible. This is a sure way to keep bashfulness going. The solution is to get out in public as much as possible, faking confidence, until one day you wake up and find out that you are no longer bashful.  The only way out of the fear of public speaking is to “fake it till you make it,” to do public speaking until you are no longer afraid to speak in front of crowds.  You cannot think your way out of bashfulness, you have to act your way out of bashfulness. (2) When I was sent to southeastern Kentucky as a newly ordained priest, against my will, somehow I was able to open my mind to “faking it till I made it.” I decided, since I did not get what I wanted, I would pretend to want what I got until I was able to really want what I got. It worked. Those ten years were wonderful years in many, many ways. I “acted as if” it were a great assignment until it actually became a great assignment.         

‘They worshiped, even as they doubted.”  My friends, all of us have a good measure of doubt, even as we believe. The secret to making sure that the scales do not tip too far to the doubt side, is to act as if we believe until we believe, to pray our way out of doubt, to worship until we feel like worshiping. So, when you are tempted to drop out because “I don’t get anything out of it” or “I’m not into it today,” that is when you really need to get into it, that is when you really need to act as if you are getting something out of it until you get something out of it.  Even believers sometimes have to “fake it till they make it.”    

When the eleven disciples saw Jesus, they worshiped,
                  even as they doubted.                          

 Matthew 28