Thursday, September 24, 2015

Some of My Mission Projects friends

Seminarians, priests and religious brothers from around the world.

 Dua Nguyen from the Archdiocese of Hanoi, Vietnam – Brother David Ndjam, OSB from the Monastere de l'Incarnation in Togo (Africa) – Richard Toboso, a member of the Glenmary Home Missionaries, from Kenya (Africa).

Brother Dominic, Father Patrick, Brother Joshua and Brother Ferdinand. They are Servants of the Risen Christ and take care of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and Centre in Cache Creek in the Diocese of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, where I led a diocesan priest retreat in June of 2015.

Jesus Lopez, recently studying for the Diocese of Owensboro, is from Peubla, Mexico.
His wonderful mother's name is Maria Delia Mendez Zamora (below). She lives in Peubla.

Father Rex Ramos, from the Philippines, who takes care of the parishes on the islands of Canouan, Mayreau and Union in the Diocese of Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Three monks studying at Saint Meinrad from two Benedictine monasteries in the French speaking country of Togo in Africa.
Brother Cajetan on the left and Brother Justin on the right are from the Monastery of the Ascension.  
Brother David in the middle is from the Monastery of the Incarnation:
Here I am leading a "sharing session" between international priests in the World Priests Program and international seminarians attending St. Meinrad Seminary. Our Mission Projects Fund has helped many of the seminarians there.

Father Alando Williams, pastor of St. Michael Church on the island of Bequia in the Diocese of Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Kirt Prospere, seminarian at St. Meinrad Seminary from the Diocese of Bridgetown, Barbados.

Kenneth Wanders (III Theology), Aloysius Ssendawula (I Theology), Richard Toboso (II Theology), Charles Aketch (Theology IV), Patrick Muriithi) (III Theology) 
and Samuel Mwangi (I Theology)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Homily - 9-20-15


Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us, he sets
 himself against our doings, reproaches us for our transgressions
 and charges us with violations of our training.
Wisdom 2:12

If people told the truth all the time, judges like Judy would be out of business, more sex starved politicians would still be in office and most of us wouldn't have any friends to speak of!

The job of a judge is to expose liars, even after people have pledged to tell "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Some politicians could probably survive their "indiscretions," but it is the lying, the deceit and the cover-up that usually brings them down.