Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Mother, Pastor and Daughter Connection


When I was pastor of the Cathedral of the Assumption from1983-1997, one of the fans of my preaching was a wonderful woman named Jeanne Paradis of the Bert and Jeanne Paradis family. Jeanne Paradis is probably the one most responsible for getting me into the book writing business. She financed the printing of my first book of homilies by CROSSROADS PRESS in New York. Since then, I have published thirty more books ( Jeanne passed away January 9, 1995 (I was at her home when she died*), but her influence on my life and ministry certainly lives on! *Since I did not plan for this blog post to come out on her anniversary (it just happened) I have the feeling she is still pulling for me to this very day. 

Now, I am happy to announce that her daughter, Kris, who lives in Naples, Florida, has published her first book - an inspirational children's book.
She has also told me that her second children's book is well on its way.  
I want to encourage her just as her mother encouraged me. 


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Faithful Friends: A Partial List

Part I
(availability of photos is another factor)

Jim Patterson II

Patricia Tafel Kirchdorfer and family

Lunch time with the Greg Coats clan. That's Greg in his signature hat on the right and Tammy, his wonderful wife, second on the right. You have probably seen Tammy and son, Buren, in their TV commercials. Funny! For a good used car and great service go to Greg Coats Cars and Trucks on Preston. A wonderful family. Tell them Father Knott sent you! 

Joseph Paradis's profile photo

Jay Paradis, his wonderful father, Bert, and the whole Paradis tribe. 

Co-Workers, Joseph Cook and Lea Ann Olinger,
at the Institute for Priests and Presbyterates

Joseph Stoltz - friends since High School
Christy Brown and family

Julie Zoeller
Elaine Winebrenner
Rea and Tom Clark  and family

Father Bruce Roby of the island country of Chuuk,
now a priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut

Frank and Carolyn Knott of Baltimore.
I am a distant relative to Frank on my father's 
and mother's side.
Jim Taylor, Nicholas, Nick Kipper

Melaine Prejean Sullivan and 
Karen Shadle

Karen Dahlem and Patricia Kirchdorfer

center of picture - Pat Patterson, Meghan Clark and her brother Thomas

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto

I have spent four and a half weeks in the presence of this good man over the last couple of years. I know it's shameless name-dropping so get used to it!

Marea Gardner (died March 26, 2014), with her son Michael on the left and son-in-law Tom Clark on the right. Michael is married to a wonderful woman, Louise. 

Archbishop Thomas C. Kelley OP

We were housemates at the Cathedral Rectory 
from 1983-1997

Glenn and Joan Blincoe

Father Bob Ray.

We are both from St. Theresa Church in Meade County.
Our grandmothers were sisters. He was ordained in 1969 and I in 1970.

Mark, Jan (Sophie her dog), myself,
Phyllis and Gary - coffee shop buddies. 
Father Antony, Father George, myself and Father John
Franciscan Friars from India.
We all volunteer at Bellermine University

Phyllis Drury and Tim Schoenbachler

Father Steven Brown, Diocese of San Jose, California, friends since 1978.

Dorothy Spalding, Queen Mother of the wonderful Spalding clan of Calvary, Ky, and all the people of Holy Name of Mary Parish.

Bishop Jason Gordon of Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Fergal Redmond, myself and Martin Folan volunteering at the Catholic Center on the island of St. Vincent.

Tim Schoenbachler who keeps me published in all areas possible.

A very rare photo of Jack Anderson, a long time supporter, after whom I named Jack's Coffee Shop in the Alumni Commons at Saint Meinrad Seminary on his 80th birthday. Friends since the 1964.

Paul and Wilhelmine King, my second parents and home away from since 1964. Wilhelmine has died, but Paul now resides near his sister in Hopkinsville.

Paul and Ann Coppin from Louven, Belgium. We met in Taize in the early 1970s and have stayed in touch ever since. They visited me in Louisville many times with their children, now grown. I have visited them in Belgium, France and Italy.

Sister David Clare Riesbach, SCN, dedicated teacher and organizer in my home parish for many years, is still one of my most loyal friends and stands for all that is good in women religious. She led the music at my first Mass and always sends me encouraging letters and cards. 

Inge Heck from outside Stuttgart, Germany. I met her in Taize (France) in the 1970s. We have stayed in touch ever since. She visited Kentucky several times with her parents and I have visited them once in Germany. Her two children are now grown. Helmut and Anny, her parents, both died last year. They are sadly missed. Inge is a "retired" school teacher. 

Dr. Cecilia Anzures and her husband Jeff Antle

Image result for friends images

Just give me time to find some more pictures.....and more friends!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Help Me Give Some Special Young People a Life Changing Experience

Deserving Young People From My Adopted Island Country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 


The Diocese of Kingstown has a Family Fun Day with an outdoor Mass,
lots of competitive games between the parishes and some great food.

Field Mass with Bishop Gordon, Priests, Deacons, Lay Ministers and Youth

The Choir with one of the Religious Sisters on the top far left. Catholic education is a priority in the Diocese of Kingstown. Catholics on the island of St. Vincent know how to sing! They put us to shame when it comes to singing at Mass!

Two happy Catholic youth enjoying the competition on the field.

One of the referees has a "Catholics Come Home" shirt on to
encourage the youth to stay in the Church.

Even Bishop Jason Gordon showed the youth that he still has it. He is racing with
the "old guys." That's him second on the left in the tan cap and dark green shirt.

From my 2016 speaking tours, and the help of some generous friends, I am committed to send Father Rex Ramos and three youth (two young women and one young man) from St. John Parish where I have helped out with Holy Week services last April and again December 13. I am also committed to send another young man from the island of Bequia for a total of five so far. Here they are!
Father Rex Ramos serves three islands in the chain of 23 islands that make up the country of SVG. He is a volunteer from the Philippines. He will be one of three adults escorting the youth group trying to go to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. He lives on the island of Canouan, but also serves the islands of Union and Mayreau. 
Javron Da Silva is a faithful altar server from St. John Parish on the island of St. Vincent.
I am also committed to Jescina Joe and Breana Marksman ( photos to come) who are also active in St. John Parish on St. Vincent.

Ewansee Arrindell, is another faithful altar server from St. Michael Parish on the island of Bequia.

Here is what the Diocesan Youth Minister, Mrs. Tomiko Browne, wrote to me when I asked for information on how to help.

Most of our youth who would like to attend WYD come from very low income families & simply cannot afford to attend this once in a lifetime pilgrimage. We currently have 25 youth who are very interested in attending but are facing financial challenges. I have been in contact with our regions secretariat in order to apply for some funding from the USCCB....I hope that we are able to receive a grant to offset some of the cost associated with WYD.To avoid high cost of a hotel stay, I've made contact with Polish Ursuline Sisters so that we could cut down on the cost of accommodations by requesting for our youth to seek lodging at the Monastery. We have been asked to give a modest donation (50 Euro) for Days in the Diocese & breakfast (20 Euro) during our stay at the monastery. I have also been researching historical Catholic sites in Poland & would love for our youth to see some of Poland outside of the WYD activities. I've planned for some chartered tours ($1500 US for the group of 25 persons which includes transport, lunch & entry fees) to sites such as:
  • Czestochowa-Auschwitz (St. Maximilian Kolbe & St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) 
  • Yasna Gora Monastery (Black Madonna),
  • half day excursion to Lagiewniki, the capital of the Divine Mercy, visit the shrine of Divinity dedicated by St. John Paul II and his birth place Wadowice.
That is about $2600.00 US per youth. We know that this is expensive for our youth, and we have worked diligently with our travel agent to provide the best pilgrimage experience that we can at the most reasonable price. The escalating cost of airfare and the fluctuating rate of exchange with the euro have made it difficult to plan for this trip in advance, but we are confident that this price will be final. Roundtrip air is included in the cost. For the safety and well-being of our pilgrims, we have chosen the monastery for our accommodations and private motor coaches for all transportation. Fr. Rex and I will supervise the youth throughout the pilgrimage. A registered counselor will be included among the chaperones. Additionally, the price includes tour guides and admissions to all the sites we will visit on the pilgrimage, World Youth Day Registration fees, as well as all breakfasts and dinners and lunches. 
We also have some fundraising activities lined up for the beginning of the new year (Pre-Valentine Dinner), TV raffle & sponsor walks. But due to the financial climate ,and with more & more businesses closing in SVG; we are finding it difficult to solicit donations.


If you are interested in helping with this and maybe some others, make your tax deductible checks out to
St. Bartholomew Church and send them to me:

From the five scholarships pledged,
___ I would like to help with a full scholarship of $2600.
___ I would like help with a partial scholarship of $________
___ I would like to sponsor a girl.
___ I would like to sponsor a boy.
___ I would like to sponsor either a boy or a girl as needed.
St. Bartholomew Church - SVG Mission Fund
% Rev. J. Ronald Knott
1271 Parkway Gardens Court
Louisville, KY 40217 

The Catholics of SVG Know How to Pray and Sing and Celebrate God's Love!
The Next Generation of Catholics is Crucial to Maintaining the Vitality of the Church!
Youth Who Have Gone to World Youth Day Often Come Home As Leaders in the Church!