Friday, May 12, 2017



My mother died of breast cancer May 12 in 1976 at the age of 58. We were holding her hand.
At the time, I thought she was old. Being 73 myself, I now know better.

I still miss her and I get chocked up at Mass on Mother's Day, her birthday and the anniversary of her death, when I stop to remember at Mass all those who have died and gone before us.

She is loved equally by ALL of her seven children who will be remembering her today.


Here she is on the day of my First Mass in 1970. I had no idea she would be gone six years later.

Here she is as a third-grader.

Here she is an a young adult.

Here she is @ 1948 with five of her seven children. That's me on the far right.
Notice we are all barefoot. As children growing up in the country, where everyone was relatively poor, we regularly went barefoot in the summer months.
My mother sewed, raised a garden, canned food, cleaned, cooked, went to church every Sunday and Holy Day, visited her parents and siblings, helped her neighbors and eventually took care of seven children and a husband.
How did she do it? She did it by being totally selfless!

Here is her grave in St. Theresa Church cemetery. I will be buried a few feet away.

This coming September 10, she would have been 100 years old!
The family is planning a special celebration!

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