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On my 46th birthday in 1990, now Deacon Robert and Bonnie Dever gave me this book by Dr. Seuss to celebrate their journey from Baptist minister and wife to Catholic Church members during my time as their pastor at the Cathedral of the Assumption. It was a celebration of how far they had come, but also a prediction about both of our futures. Robert became an ordained Catholic Deacon and I left the Cathedral to become the founder of the Institute for Priests and Presbyterates at Saint Meinrad Seminary. During the  past several years, I have been a motivational speaker in well over 100 dioceses in 9 countries. Today, I am retired but building a program in the Caribbean for retired priests, bishops and lay professionals.
Here are just a few pictures of some of the places I've been.

Cardiff, Wales

Vancouver, British Columbia

St. Lucia

Diocese of Scranton. Pennsylvania

St. Vincent., SVG

Saulte St. Marie, one of fourteen diocesan priest retreats in Canada

Newfoundland, Canada

Bequia, SVG

St. Vincent, SVG

St. Benedict Abbey, Atchison, Kansas

Port of Spain, Trinidad. Here I spoke to 21 Caribbean bishops at their annual Antilles Bishops Conference meetings and made a presentations at the local seminary.

Portland, Oregon

One of the California Missions in Diocese of Monterrey. Besides Monterrey, I have presented priest retreats in San Francisco, San Diego, San Bernardino, Fresno, Sacramento and San Jose.

Castries, St. Lucia

Outside Billings, Montana

Outside Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

New airport in St. Vincent, SVG

Bridgetown, Barbados

Outside Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Outside Memphis, Tennessee

Parish Mission, Naples, Florida

Billings, Montana

Outside Scranton, Pennsylvania

Outside, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada


My own backyard.

South of Monterrey, California

St. Lucia

Beaumont Priest Retreat in Galveston Texas.

St. Vincent, SVG

Outside of New Ulm, Minnesota

St. Vincent, SVG

Cardiff, Wales. Besides Wales, I have presented in England and Ireland.

Carmelite Community Retreat, Dallas, TExas

Landing in Chicago hundreds of times.

St. Augustine Church, Lebanon, Kentucky, one of over 75 Parish Missions I have preached.

Christ the King Monastery outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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