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Little by little, R J MISSION PROJECTS and the CATHOLIC SECOND WIND GUILD are transforming the Pastoral Centre of the Diocese of Kingstown, SVG.
Our dream is to make it a more useful Diocesan Chancery, a more comfortable home for the Bishop, a more inviting Retreat Center for the diocese and a welcoming headquarters for adult professional volunteers that the CATHOLIC SECOND WIND GUILD hopes to attract to help with needed diocesan projects.

So far, we have built a new chapel, created a CATHOLIC SECOND WIND headquarters, remodeled the kitchen, moved and upgraded the dining room and now transformed the living room.

While this is coming together, we have already started on the remodeling of the seven Guest Rooms. Next up is the Bishop's Library, downstairs commercial kitchen, large meeting room and front entrance.


This Time - the Living Room
(The chapel and the living room are located in the newest part of the building - the part that was added onto a former private residence when Kingstown became a diocese in 1989.)

The old dining room. The dining room was moved through the doors on the right to be closer to the kitchen where it really belongs to make room for the new living room. 

The old dining room as seen from inside the area that became the new chapel.

The same view of the new living room area from inside the new Saint James Chapel.

Another view of the almost finished new chapel. New living room to the right. 

Artist sketch trying to use the old furniture scattered in two rooms of the house. It did not work. It looked much better in this sketch than it did in reality. The furniture was mismatched and ripped upholstery was covered with white couch-covers. It had to go.  A new proposal was offered.

Tim Schoenbachler's  final sketch of the proposed living room. 

The reality as it has come together. I am amazed at how beautiful it turned out!

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