Thursday, October 12, 2017


On Monday morning, October 9, I flew from Louisville to Chicago and on tp Pittsburgh on United Airlines. 
I was picked up at the Pittsburgh Airport and taken to the Bishop Connare Center by a driver for the Regency Limousine Service for the hour and a half trip. Got there in just enough time to change my clothes and give my first presentation to the permanent deacon candidates.

Father Jonathan Wisneski
Organizer of the Priest Convocation and related speaking events. 

The first night I stayed at the Bishop Connare Center (which was the old minor seminary)..

The first evening I was asked to the deacon candidates and their wives. 

The next morning, before going on to the priest convocation  at the Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort, 
I spoke to the retired priests who live in the Bishop Connare Center. 


"The Powerful Spiritual Leadership of a Unified Presbyterate"
Priests Working Together as a Team With the Bishop

About 100 priests are in attendance.

Three Filipino priests who know the two Filipino priests down in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where I volunteer. It is indeed a small world! 

More Filipino priests. I jokingly call them the "Filipino Mafia of Greensburg." 

Archbishop Kurtz taught a couple of the priests at this convocation when he taught in the seminary before becoming a bishop. 

Praying together.

Eating together.

Standing with some of the young Filipino priests serving in the Diocese of Greensburg.

Sts. Simon and Jude

Hanging out with the priests of Greensburg around the fire. 

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