Sunday, December 24, 2017


It's Christmas Eve 2017! 
I'm 73, almost 74, years old! 
I've been retired for three years!
I take a few pills!
I like to stay up, but I hate to get up! 
I have no spouse or children! 
I live alone!
Christmas has become simpler every year! 
 I didn't put up a tree! 


I am very happy!
I feel great!  
I have my health! 
I have few regrets!
I feel supported and loved by my siblings!
I have a variety of very faithful friends! 
I am proud of my accomplishments! 
I thrive on living alone in my own space!
I love my volunteer work in the island missions!
In short, I feel my cup is running over! 

A grateful heart attracts miracles? Bring them on! 

I believe in miracles! Miracles are possible in our lives, but miracles are different from magic! Magic is about sitting around wishing somebody else would make things happen to make us all better. Magic is waiting for a fairy godmother to come and wave her magic wand over us and we don’t have to do anything. For a miracle to happen, like the blind Bartimeus in Scripture, we have to get up, throw away the security blankets that we have wrapped ourselves in and be clear about what we want and be willing to go for it! We have to override the naysayer in our own heads and the naysayers who line the roads of our lives. Wishing and magic waits for others to fix us. Really wanting something makes us take action. God is willing to help those who are willing to do something - anything - to help themselves. God is willing to grant miracles to those who get up, step forward and open their minds, hearts and hands - no matter how old they are!

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