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A trip to the towns of Sandy Bay and Georgetown with Bishop County and Des. 

The Guarifuna Bakery
Sandy Bay

The Diocese of Kingstown actually runs a bakery cooperative in the town of Georgetown on the northeast side of the island. It provides some jobs, provides some of the rural communities access to fresh bread and brings in a little support for the diocese.

Bishop County wanted to drop by the bakery and thank each worker and give them a small present - a bottle of wine. 

We also took food for a little Christmas lunch party. 

Both women are bakers, but the woman on the left has been running the bakery for many years. 

That oven is VERY hot in a VERY hot country. The smell of fresh bread baking was wonderful. 

St. Benedict Home for Children
Carmelite Sister Nyra Ann

We stopped in to give Sister Nyra Ann her gift (we gave gifts to all 8 Sisters working on the island) and explain to her about the toy delay and to tell her all about what was coming in the boxes. I hope they can get some good photos.

Bread of Life Home for Children
Carmelite Sister Zita

Each of the boxes were sent with the names of each orphanage marked clearly on the sides. These two orphanages are located side by side, but specialize in different children's needs. Each Sister was given back a list of the names they supplied to us with our assigned gifts for each child. Again, I am hoping for some good photos when the kids do get their gifts.

I get upset every time I look at these boxes of toys that have been delayed somewhere getting to the islands!

Neither Sister Nyra Ann nor Sister Zita were home yet when we got there. Rather than wait, I had Sister Carmen write down my instructions about the toys. A young man by the name of Kurt, who works for the local parish, was with us. He is going to coordinate with the Sisters,  when the toys are given out, to take some good photos of the children receiving their toys. 

As an incentive, I told him he will be paid on the quality of the photos. I emphasized the the fact that I need good ones for the donors. He has an iphone and seems to know how to use it. 


The painter, Fred, and the janitor, Neil, take a deserved post-lunch siesta on another very hot day. The floor is hard, but cool because it is stone. Smart guys! 

Notice some of our Pastoral Centre renovation in the background. 

Bernadette Patrick
Bernadette Patrick is a finance and development consultant with the Diocese of Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Bernadette is assisting in fiscal management & planning and fundraising & development proposals. Bernadette is the former Financial Administrator of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad. She has studied at the MBA level in Economics, Accounting and Finance. She is also trained in Diocesan Stewardship & Development and Finance by participation in the International Catholic Stewardship and the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conferences and is a member of the US Leadership Roundtable. She also participated in the recent Convocation on the Joy of the Gospel hosted by the USCCB in July 2017. She has also lived and done active pastoral ministry for one year in Canouan, in the Grenadines.

Bernadette lives in Trinidad and is also actively involved in Catholic Women’s ministries. She in the Caribbean Regional Representative for two US based apostolates; Magnificat, a ministry to catholic women and Women of Grace.

More of our Pastoral Centre renovation in the background.

Yohance Gibson 

Mr. Yohance P. Gibson is an educator by profession with an academic background in Computer Science.  He currently works at St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, where he serves as the Head of the Social Sciences Department and a Dean of Discipline for the last 12 years.  He also works part time with the Division of Adult and Continuing Education in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to manage and facilitate continuing education courses for adults who did not complete their secondary schooling or who desire additional professional development courses in order for them to find jobs and provide for their families.  Additionally, he has been particularly involved in Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Kingstown serving as the Assistant Youth Coordinator and is now part of the newly formed development committee. 

Besides teaching, he has also worked as the Program Development Manager for Youth Business St. Vincent and the Grenadines and was responsible for developing programs and acquiring funding to support Youth Entrepreneurship in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Mr. Gibson also serves on the Cluny Subsidiary Board of Management as the faculty representative for two Catholic High Schools managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny.  He is a member of the Caribbean Examinations Council’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Social Studies examining team as well as works as an External Examiner for CSEC Theatre Arts.  He describes himself as an all-rounder and likes interacting with people and coming up with new and innovating ways of doing things.      

Msgr. George Bardowell
88 years old and loved by all, retired and living at the Cathedral, he is still very active. He spent the day going to neighboring Bequia Island by ferry to conduct a funeral. He even dropped by the youth group party after the Saturday night Mass. 


On my final night, Des and I hosted a small party for the workers who did the renovation of the Pastoral Centre. At the party, I was able to give each family represented a gift certificate for a Kentucky Fried Chicken "Ten Piece Family Feast Meal" and a pocket knife with the logo of the Catholic Second Wind Guild. 

You can imagine Sts. James and John, Peter and Andrew fishing in that sea. 

September 18 was to be the original dedication day. It was transferred to December 14 because of the hurricanes. September 18 was the first Mass in the chapel. 
The Bishop prays for all our donors every day. 

December 19, 2017

If all goes well, I'll be home around midnight. 

I am hot and tired, but pleased with the trip. 
I believe some good was done. 

(Phyllis, don't forget to bring my coat to the airport when you come)  

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