Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Saint Lucia

Priest and Deacon Retreat in Process

Mr. Tim Lionel, the archbishop's driver, picked me up at the airport and delivered me to the retreat house. 

Sister Christine, one of the 15 Benedictine Sisters who run the retreat house, posed with me for a photo.

I found out that the Sisters love Kentucky Fried Chicken and they like to buy it for a special treat. I gave them an appreciation stipend to have a couple of buckets of KFC on me! They do all the cooking at the retreat house so it will be special to call for "carry-out" when they get a free evening.

Here I am trying to answer some very insightful and pointed questions. 

This would be a typical conference set-up with me using my Power Point presentations. 

This table, one of about 10 tables, has Archbishop Rivas on the right.

Another table, with local and Indian clergy, smiles for the camera. The diocese has priests from the Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam and Italy as well.  

I presided and preached at an Anointing of the Sick service the first night. 

Here I am anointing the hands of Archbishop Rives OP during the celebration of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick as other priests and deacons wait their turn. 

I preached at all the Masses. 

Because it was his birthday, Vietnamese Father Paul, presided at the Mass on Tuesday. 

The priests and deacons sang "Happy Birthday" to Father Paul after Mass. 


The deacon on the right is employed in his own agriculture business - aquaponics! He raises fish in tanks. The feces from the fish feed plants. The plants produce edible vegetables and, in turn, the plants clean the water for the fish. He sells both fish and vegetables in an environmentally friendly way! 

The priest on the left was at my priest retreat in Saginaw, Michigan, about ten years ago! It truly is a small world! 
We thought we had met somewhere when we saw each other, but we only realized WHEN after we talked a while! 

Cocktail time! No bourbon, but lots of rum of various kinds! 

Evening Prayer in the Conference Room

Like most presbyterates I have been to, this one is very internationalized as well. The priest (Father Cesar) on the left is from the Philippines. The priest on the right (Father Paul) is from Vietnam. 

Mother Marianna, foundress of Assumption Abbey, stops by at lunch to greet Archbishop Rivas and meet the retreat director. 
She was born in Italy and still has a heavy Italian accent even though she has spent most of her life working in Saint Lucia. 
"I am a Saint Lucian!" 

Holy Orders: Bishop, Priest and Deacon

Closing Mass - Archbishop Rivas presided and I preached.

The archbishop with his priests and deacons who attended the Lenten Days of Reflection. 

Backside of the retreat house looking toward the city of Castries. 


What a wonderful experience this retreat was for me!

It was a bit hellish getting here, through hurricanes and fog delays, but in the end it was such a wonderful experience!

Of the hundred plus priest and deacon retreats I have led, I would put this one at the top of the list. The reception was much more than I had anticipated. 

I feel honored and blessed to have had this experience. 

By the way, they are insisting I lead their 2019 retreat! They don't seem to understand the fact, or even care, that I am "retired!" 

I'll probably be back if I am still able to walk!

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