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According to legend, when a mother pelican cannot find food for her young, she thrusts her beak into her breast and nourishes her little ones with her own blood. The early church saw in this story a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us and what we in turn should do for one another.

Mayreau is one of the 32 islands in the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Father Rex Ramos and his adoring fans. Of course, with kids, a delicious ice cream bar always helps with all that adoration! 

This is actually a great time to shop for Christmas toys . . .

I already found some beautiful bargain baby dolls for some beautiful island kids.

(Above) A few of the dolls I found for next Christmas - 2018. I have been collecting "finds" and "bargains" in toys and clothes and household items since the first of the year!

One of the new dolls awaiting "adoption" at Christmas by a child on Saint Vincent.

Me and a real doll, Mona Lisa of Barbados. Yes, she's real and that's her real name! She is the daughter of former Bishop Gordon's housekeeper. 

Me and little Princeton at the St. Benedict Home for Children on St. Vincent.

Little Daniel and I hit it off right away at the
Bread of Life Home for Children.

Me baptizing one of seven babies December 17, 2017 during Mass at the Cathedral in Kingstown, SVG. 

For the kids able to walk and run, Sister Nyra Anne, Director of the Saint Benedict Home for Children, mentioned a need for running shoes (above), pants and shirts (below).  I threw in some Dollar Tree flip flops for wearing around the house and to the beach. 

I noticed in photos that many of the children at the orphanages were going barefoot most of the time. That's OK around the house (I did it myself growing up in the country as a child), but not on the track around the orphanage. 

Above are some of the "bargains" I have found "on sale." Notice I found some great sneakers in "island colors."  These shoes, pants and shirts are going down after Easter. This need cannot wait till Christmas! 

I am a master "on-line" shopper! I try never to buy anything without at least a "60% - 70% discount" and "no shipping cost" and maybe even a coupon thrown in for a further discount. 

My "bargain finds" for Christmas 2018 are beginning to accumulate in my garage. This year I intend to get them down "on time." I am shooting for an August shipping date just to make sure!  

Besides sending down toys, shoes, clothes and such, we are also teaching computers to kids, offering deacon training, providing transportation, helping with health care equipment, providing support for job training assistance, helping strengthen evangelization efforts, providing ongoing formation for priests and sponsored some youth to go to WORLD YOUTH DAY. Others are joining us to offer counseling to at-risk children. We have helped the diocese renew its Pastoral Centre so it can have a nice place to offer spiritual, social and educational programs, as well as a comfortable place to house adult professional volunteers from outside the country while they volunteer. 

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