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Rest In Peace 

December 7, 2018

JOHN “JACK” ANDERSON died peacefully at Nazareth Home in Louisville, Kentucky, the morning of December 7, 2018. Jack’s was preceded in death three weeks earlier by his only surviving sibling, Mary Alice Auerweck, also resident at Nazareth Home, on November 18, 2018.

Jack graduated from Saint Xavier High School with honors. He went on to start his own business, Jack’s Cleaners on Central Avenue. Later in life he worked for United Parcel Service in Louisville until his retirement.

Several life-long friends looked after his needs and visited him regularly in his last days: Madonna Truloc, Larry Wright, Bhawan (Tucker) and Kavita Thacker, Roger Metry and Father Ronald Knott.

Jack was a private person who avoided attention, but he was also a person who was especially attentive and generous to those who were hurting, those who were marginalized and those who needed help. Besides enjoying helping people, he appreciated his faithful friends very much. He was an avid reader. Until his later years, he enjoyed traveling and fine restaurants. He was especially proud of the coffee shop at Saint Meinrad Seminary which was named after him – Jack’s Coffee Shop in the Alumni Commons.  

This is the original coffee cup logo. 

For his 80th birthday, from my speaking engagements, I funded a coffee shop at Saint Meinrad Seminary and named it after him. 

It was something he was most proud of - a lasting memorial for him. He was giving out "Jack's" coffee mugs even up the to last few weeks of his life. 

"Jack's in the Commons" serves the seminary and lay students, monastery, faculty, staff and guests.

Jack's Coffee Shop is useful for a variety of gatherings and receptions. This was one of the yearly gatherings of international students and priests discussing the process of entering American culture. 

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