Tuesday, February 26, 2019



This is Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in Sandy Bay, SVG
I will have Mass there again March 31, 2019.  

This is how we hope to transform it with donated surplus liturgical pieces from Louisville and Saint Mary of the Woods.  Not in the sketch are the ceiling fans and the Stations of the Cross. 

Just a few of the donations from our friends.

These used Paschal Candles came from Church of the Epiphany. I cleaned off the chipped paint colors and dates and re-decorated them (see below).. 

Paschal Candle "followers" in brass to fit these 4" candles cost $298.00 each at a Church Goods Store.
I bought 5 of these 4" copper pipe "caps" on-line for $24.00 each.

Mr. Bob Owings, of the Cathedral, cut the needed 3 1/3 " holes in my online copper caps and polished them a bit. Here is what they look  like on the refurbished candles.  They fit the candles perfectly at a fraction of the price.  They will be given to several parishes.

The Cathedral is replacing its old red chairs with new ones. They are almost 25 years old. They are giving us 150 of the best used ones. 

The Sister of Providence in Indiana gave us this marvelous wood crucifix. I laid them on the floor to take this picture. It goes perfectly with the Joseph and Mary statues that came out of another church. 

The Sister of Charity of Nazareth gave us this beautiful old monstrance. 

The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville gave us this set of Stations of the Cross. 

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth gave us these candlesticks.

This beautiful tabernacle and Sanctuary Lamp stand came from the Sister of Providence in Indiana. The tabernacle will go into the new Saint James Chapel in the bishop's Pastoral Centre.

A generous couple gave us 6 new ceiling fans.

We have many small items, too many to list, from vestments to Communion pyxes, from candles to flower vases - all surplus items from Louisville parishes. 

I am still trying to raise $1,500.00 more to wire the fans in the ceiling, paint the walls, do some work on the bathroom and clean the terrazzo floors and I think it will be finished. 

I hear the people of this little parish are very excited about the refurbishment of their little church. I am looking forward to having Mass with them Sunday, March 31 just like I did the last time I was there. 

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