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I often get this question these days. My three main reasons are simple.
(1) When I retired, I wanted to re-invent myself again and do something I have never done before - not just repeat, only at a slower pace, what I have always done or what most retired priests were doing.

(2) When I worked at Saint Meinrad Seminary, one of the program I created was "World Priest," a program to help acclimate to American culture the international priests coming in great numbers into our country . Many of them are coming from countries that have a greater priest shortage than we do! I thought I might be able to "give back" a little by volunteering part-time to help a struggling mission diocese.

(3) Because the Church is "catholic," I wanted to connect people, who would never have a chance to actually go on a mission trip, with  people who could use their help.Instead of buying into some "them" and "us" thinking, I wanted to help some of my connections to start thinking "we" with me. We are all part of one and the same church. I know that there is enough waste here at home that can be directed to those who could use it, if I could raise awareness and interest though my blog posts.

Lunch time at the Bread of Life Home for Children

Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Kingstown, SVG

Welcoming a 40 '  trailer load of surplus medical supplies from Louisville.

Senior luncheon in Mesopotamia, SVG

Preaching at the Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen.

Saint Benedict Home for Children

One of the cutest orphans in the whole world!

Bishop County blesses our new van while Sister Zita looks on with some of the kids from her Bread of Life Home for Children to whom it was given.

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