Friday, September 13, 2019


The Germans really do have a word for everything. Schwellenangst describes the fear of embarking on a new adventure, trying something new, or crossing a threshold. If you've ever nervously stood at the door of a building you've never been in before — like a gym, train station, airplane or anywhere else containing a new experience — you too have felt it. 

A good number of us are scared of change or simply find it uncomfortable. We like routine and we enjoy the predictability built into our lives. It's human nature. However, there will always be times we are required to make adjustments and face the fear that resides within each new journey. 

We all have things we dream of achieving, and with each new step there is a slight anxiety that holds some excitement as it dances through us: the first day of college, graduation, first job, marriage. We fear the never ending ‘what ifs’ and the fleeting thoughts of never being able to accomplish it. All this is part of the allure our dreams have on us.


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