Thursday, April 16, 2020



I know the world is "out there," but I do not feel as much a part of as I used to feel. I can see it from my windows, but it seems alien now, not as friendly, even menacing.  I have not really been "out there" for three or four weeks, expect for a few moments when I did almost stealthily go out - running out and then running back into my hole...uh...I mean home.  The safety of my bunker is getting on my nerves. 
As a true "introvert," I know I can handle "solitary confinement" more than a lot of "extroverts," but this is beginning to wear even on me! 

My condo doesn't look like this, but it is beginning to feel like this!



1. How am I going to renew my driver's license which is due this month when all the branch offices are "closed until further notice?" Will I end up having to re-take the drivers test? Will it be worse than when I flunked three times the first time?

2. How long will my hair grow if I can't get to a barber shop in the next couple of months? Should I try to give myself a haircut, try to find a barber who makes "house calls," or just shave it all off? 

3. What if I have to go to the hospital for something other than the carona virus? Would an ambulance even come? Could I get into the hospital? If I did, would I end up exposing myself to the virus even more? 

4. What if the stock market crashes and I end up losing all my retirement savings? What if the insurance company who sold me my "in home health care policy" ends up going belly up? 

5. What if a family member gets the virus and dies? Will I be able to go see them before they go and would I even be able to celebrate a funeral Mass for them? 

6. If a lot of people die at one time in this area of the country, would Saint Meinrad Archabbey still be able to give me my "free casket?"

7. Will my "tax lady" get my tax returns done before the deadline? (she barely did!) I am sure the deadline has been extended, but I want to get that off my mind! I wonder if I will owe some (yes, I did!), get a refund (no way!) or just break even (I wish!)? Will I get one of those government "stimulus relief checks" (not yet!) that I have been hearing about? If I do, will it go to what I owe in taxes (yes it will!)? 

8. How much longer should I wait to cancel the 50th anniversary celebration of my ordination on May 17 (in Louisville) and May 24 (in Rhodelia)?  I will celebrate it this year sometime, but how far out? I have no idea right now! 

???  LOSING IT  ???

You know you are losing it when you start dancing alone like I have done a couple of times lately! I just crank up the music and it let rip!

To prove it, I have included a video of me dancing. Yes, it's me! Honestly! I don't think I am being delusional, am I?

Just click on the link below if you don't believe me! 

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