Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Hey, folks, it looks like we are going to be "at home" for a quite while yet! We can fight it, we can merely endure it or we can really "get into it!" I am suggesting that we all really get into making our houses even more comfortable homes. It can be either a "family effort" or a "single effort," but let's make our time at home life-giving rather than life-draining. We can do it with just a bit of focused effort. 


1. Give the whole house a good cleaning. Make it a total family project. Divide up the tasks. Work as a team. Get rid of junk and trash. Put stuff away. Make your living spaces look neat and orderly. Make them smell good and enjoyable to be in.

2. Plan "sit down meals" (even if you live alone). Take turns cooking something really special for the family. Set the table. Work on the "presentation" aspects of the food like you are eating in a fine restaurant. Get out the napkins. Pour the wine. Let everybody sit down together. Have someone "bless the food" and ask everyone to add a prayer listing "those suffering from this pandemic." 
3. Turn off the TV and get out the board games. Play cards. Turn up the music. Read a book - or two! Have everybody read something or watch a serious movie together and then have members engage in a family discussion about them. Have family members make entries in a new "family diary" about what everybody is thinking to be read long after this is over. 

4. Use this time to exercise. You will feel much better if you do. Long walks by yourself are permissible. Personally, I have been on my treadmill daily since this pandemic started. I also have been very careful about what I eat. It's hard to be "locked down," so it is a good idea to do things that help you feel good physically. If you feel good physically, your mental state will be much better too. 
(Actual "selfie") 
See how much good it has done me already? It's miraculous!

5. Make your bedroom a haven for rest. Change the sheets on your bed. Break out the new sheets if you have them. Make up your bed every day. Turn it down neatly each night before bedtime. Dim the lights, put on some soft music and read something relaxing (maybe even something from a favorite prayer book). 

Google searches for “prayer” have surged worldwide in step with the increasing cases of COVID-19, according to a European researcher. (CNS)

6. With a projection of 250,000 possible deaths in our country, it may be time for the family to sit down and discuss "end of life issues" in case they are needed. With so many deaths, what if it happens in your family? What does each person want, and not want, if they end up in critical condition? It might be the most serious and useful discussion you have ever had as a family. It needs to be done in a sober, relaxed and prayerful setting. Putting it off because it is uncomfortable could be a huge mistake.  Don't put it off. Do it now - just in case! You might be glad you did! 


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