Saturday, September 26, 2020


Father Rayappa Pasala
(Father Ray) 

"Father Ray" was the pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Chappell, Nebraska, in the Diocese of Grand Island. He also served St. Gall Church in Lisco and Saint Elizabeth Church in Oshkosh. 

I met Father Ray when I led the Priest Convocation last year. After mentioning my work in the Caribbean Missions of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, he became interested. He moved on his interest, Bishop County welcomed him and he became the first Catholic Second Wind Guild long-term priest volunteer. 

Father Ray arrived in the Diocese of Grand Island, Nebraska, on February 3, 2015 on a religious worker visa. He will complete five years this coming June. It is a visa requirement that he leave the US for a while before he can re-enter the US to keep serving in the Diocese of Grand Island. He will serve his time outside the US in the Diocese of Kingstown in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 

On his return to Nebraska, the Bishop of Grand Island wants him to study Spanish in Mexico for a few months so he can minister to the Spanish speaking communities. 

In this blog, you will see some shots of Father Roy in action. So far, he reports having a wonderful experience meeting people, walking everywhere and celebrating Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption in downtown Kingstown where he will start residing in October.


Father Roy is a  master of  his home country's Indian cuisine. He has been making dinner at the Pastoral Centre in the evenings while he is staying there. Here he is cooking one of his fresh goat meat, rice and curry dishes for the evening meal in the renovated kitchen that the Catholic Second Wind Guild completed a few years ago.   

Here he is enjoying his creation with Martin, a volunteer from Ireland, and Bishop Gerard County. It surely beats the "just heat up something" that is often the case. 

Here he is celebrating Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption in downtown Kingstown where he will soon be in residence. 

Here he is, wearing his mask, distributing communion at a Cathedral Mass. 

Compassionate Father Roy went to visit the sick and pray over a man who needed prayer. 

Father Roy is an avid walker and explorer of the island of Saint Vincent on foot. 

I am happy that he is happy and having a wonderful experience! 



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