Thursday, May 20, 2021


Geese So Loud

Geese are dirty and noisy animals! They do their "business" everywhere on the grass and they wake me up with their honking so early in the morning. I prefer the ducks, who hang out in the pond right off my condo deck, much better. As much as geese get on my nerves all year, I tend to forgive them in the spring when they bring their little hatchlings out to forage for food. I am weakened to the point of throwing them bread to help them out! They may think I am a cranky old man all year, but they know I am a sucker, with a soft spot in my heart, for their hungry children in the spring! 

A Crane So Quiet

I like the crane who visits my pond every week or two much better. They travel in "singles," they are absolutely quiet and tiptoe, if they move at all! They can stand silently for a very long time, waiting for the precise moment to pounce on their prey, usually a small fish swimming by. I guess they have children, but you never see them. They keep them well hidden, unlike geese who like to parade them around for all to see.  

Birds So Fast 

The cardinals, both male and female, visit my deck overlooking the pond quite often, but they never stay long enough for me to get a photo so I had to depend on the internet for a picture. They are like me - always in a hurry to get somewhere or to get something done! I don't know what attracts them to my deck, but I have a hunch. It is probably that bird feeder that hangs there empty! If I want them to stay, maybe I should go buy some birdseed. No wonder they don't stay. It has been empty for several years. I am sure they think, if birds think, that I should be arrested for "false advertising?"  

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