Thursday, September 9, 2021

"SAINT THERESA MUSEUM BRIEF" #2 - "Our Ursuline Sisters of MSJ"

Our little parish of Saint Theresa of Avila in Rhodelia, Kentucky, has produced 37 Sisters, 8 Priests, 1 Brother and hundreds of lay heroes in its 203 year history. In these periodic little "history briefs," I will spotlight the various religious communities to which they belonged and of whom Saint Theresa Church is proud. Among the Sisters coming from Saint Theresa, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth had twenty-three, the Sisters of Loretto and the Mount Saint Joseph Ursulines both had five, the Sisters of Mercy had one and the Dominican Sisters had three. I highlighted our three Dominican Sisters last week. I am still researching the many Sisters of Charity and the one Sister of Mercy. This week I want to spotlight our five Mount Saint Joseph Ursuline Sisters. 

Sister Ruth Helen Flaherty OSU 

Sister Elizabeth Ann Ray  OSU

Sister Marita Greenwell OSU 

Sister Mary Amadeus Pike OSU 


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