Tuesday, May 7, 2024


I am not talking about selfishness here! The "great commandment" of Jesus says, "Love your neighbor as yourself," not "Love your neighbor, but not yourself!" In other words, if you have no love for yourself, you will have no love to share! You cannot give anybody else anything, if you don't have anything to give! As I learned in High School Latin class, "Nemo dat quod not habet." "If you ain't got it, you can't give it!" 

I would translate "mind, body and spirit" as "education, health and spirituality." Whichever words you prefer, the task is to fill your mind with truth, fill your body with a balance of healthy food and exercise and fill your spirit with help from the "higher power."  If you "fall in love" with caring about and pursing those three things, you will have an abundance of love to share. 

Sir Ranulph Fiennes makes a great point. We can complain about the weather or how bad the world is, but it comes down to us taking the necessary personal precautions to survive and thrive in the world as it is! If it's cold, wear a coat and hat. If it is weak, crooked and selfish, then make sure you personally are strong, honest and communally focused! If the world is filled with ignorant, unhealthy and materialistic people, then make sure you individually are educated, healthy and spiritually based. 

Alexis de Tocqueville was so right when he said this about personal responsibility and how it affects the society we live in when he said, "A nation cannot long remain strong when every man belonging to it is individually weak; and that no form or combination of social polity has yet been devised to make an energetic people out of a community of pusillanimous (cowardly) and enfeebled citizens.”

As a country, as a church, as a community and as a family, nobody can save us from us, but us - one person at a time who is strong in mind, body and spirit! 

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