Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Diocese of Scranton Presbyteral Convocation 
Part II
"The Spiritual Leadership of the Parish Priest and Creating a Vocation Culture"

Doing my thing - talking about how important it is for vocation promotion to build a healthy unified presbyterate and how the two are connected. 

Mt first presentation, yesterday, was called,
"The Spiritual Leadership of Priests in the Universal Call to Holiness" 

Here I am giving a presentation called, 
"A Spirituality for Diocesan Priests and Those Who Work With Them"

Look at how many priests they have working in the vocation office - one full time and ten priests part-time and one lay person!  This week, they are attempting to get all the priests involved in promoting vocations. 

Gathering for Mass

Eating well, three times a day.

The church goods people follow priests around to their conventions. There are two companies here this week vying for attention. No one wants to be seen eyeing the bishops' and cardinals' zucchetti (beanies or skull caps) with lust, but everybody looks!

Conference #3
"The Radical Communitarian Dimension of Ordained Ministry" 

Later in the afternoon I gave a reflection during the Holy Hour:
"A Passion for Pastoring" 

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