Thursday, April 21, 2016


Diocese of Scranton Presbyteral Convocation 
Part II

"The Spiritual Leadership of the Parish Priest and Creating a Vocation Culture"


It is noteworthy here to tell you that Archbishop Kurtz, my bishop, taught some of these priests when he worked in their seminary for three years.
This is also the home of Dr. Joseph McGowen, recently deceased president of Bellarmine University where I have been doing campus ministry, part-time, for the last 14 years. 
His sister stills lives here and her pastor is attending this convocation. 

Still talking!

On the left is a married priest from Puerto Rico, Father Richard Rojas and his son Richard. 

Bishop Bambera, on the left, speaking to some of his priests at the cocktail hour. 

More cocktails before dinner.

On the left is a former Christian Brother, now a priest. On the right is a priest originally from the African country of Cameroon. 

The Vocation Directors' table. 

A heart-to-heart discussion with the bishop.  This was inspiring to watch. This bishop has a wonderful relationship with his priests. The bishop was a priest of the diocese. 

Going home this afternoon through Chicago. Will be home late tonight.
A week off and then it's the Diocese of Monterrey, California!
The fun just never stops! 

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