Friday, April 29, 2016



When I quit dying my goatee right before I retired, it turned pure white. When someone said I looked like Colonel Sanders, I went into the bathroom immediately and shaved it off! 
I thought I was out from his spell, but "no!"

No matter where I go in the world, he follows me. 
Here he is looking at me in the Miami Airport.


  When the cook could not come in to fix lunch for my deacon discernment retreat down in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, they sent out for some local fast food. What did they come back with two days in a row? You guessed it!   KFC! 

There are three locations in Kingstown, SVG. Here are photos of the three of them.

On my last trip, I gave the girls at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Home for Girls enough money for a group outing to KFC. I think the above location is the nearest to them.

Even when I flew to Port of Spain, Trinidad, to speak to the twenty-one Caribbean Bishops at their annual meeting April 12, I could not escape! In fact, as we drove by it, I was told that it is the "busiest KFC location in the world."  (see below)

Nobody in the islands seemed to know where Kentucky was when I introduced myself, but when I asked if they knew about Kentucky Fried Chicken, they lit up! "Well, then," I would say, "I'm from Kentucky!"
KFC is even more known than the Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Bourbon or Thomas Merton. It makes one proud to be "finger lickin' good!"


Maybe somebody reading this blog knows the people in power at the KFC headquarters here is Louisville. Maybe they would help me see if they would be willing to help me with some of the needs down in the very islands where their product is so popular? I would be willing to continue being a real live, on scene, spokesman for KFC. 

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