Sunday, October 9, 2016


"...the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." 
Matthew 19:14

Resident at St. Benedict Children's Home in SVG 

These are some of the kids who attend St. John Church is Mesopotamia on the island of St. Vincent where I celebrated Holy Week and one Sunday before Christmas last year. Aren't they the cutest kids you have ever seen? The little boy in green meets his parents for lunch sometimes at the Pastoral Centre in Kingstown when he is in school. The little girl is sweet, but the look on her face distressed me. I would love to know what was on her worried little mind that day. I wish I had been able to give her more attention and had the opportunity to tell her how nice she looked in her little pink dress.  I hope she was just camera shy. 

 Children in a refugee camp in Bangui

Look at these hungry African children standing in line for something to eat! Notice how close together they are - as if being closer will bring them to the food faster! Notice how orderly! Notice their sad expressions - no one is smiling or laughing.

Father Rex Ramos wore a pirate hat when he interacted with his young parishioners and read to them in the parish library on the island of Canouan, SVG. Like kids everywhere, they are curious, proud of what they found on the beach, attentive and, yes, a bit in your face. Notice the young boy sticking his tongue out for the camera in the bottom, right picture. Isn't that universal with kids?

These altar servers at St. John Church in Mesopotamia on the island of St. Vincent are disciplined and attentive at Mass. They are all leaders, or soon-to-be leaders, in the parish. That little guy on the left is a real charmer. He was selected to serve at the new bishop's ordination. He was so attentive to his ministry that day that he was inspiring just to watch him carry out his duties.

Just one of the innocent victims of the war in Syria. No child should ever have to go through this!

There is all sorts of suffering children have to endure. God only knows how many children in this country endure cyber bullying, so many in silence.

Child Abuse

So many helpless children suffer from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Children need to be protected, encouraged, nurtured, respected and loved. We will be judged most harshly if we don't do that for them. 

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