Thursday, January 11, 2018


"I wonder what a Pope feels like?" 

Have you ever tried to give a homily with a hyperactive child stealing the show? 

Hey, Pope Francis, I have some fans too!

One of the young residents of St. Benedict Home for Children in St. Vincent. 

This is little Mona Lisa, the bishop's housekeeper's daughter, in Barbados.She is a most contented, happy baby who hardly cries. She keeps her beautiful dark eyes peeled on you as you move about the room. 

Baptizing one of 6 babies in the Cathedral in Kingston, SVG. last December 17. 

One of the young Cathedral parishioners around Christmas. 

This is Daniel, resident at the Bread of Life Home for Children, in St. Vincent. He took to me for some reason! 

I am already buying toys on sale for next Christmas for the kids in the two island Children's Homes. I am finding great prices on quality toys. The January sales are a great time to start collecting. I learned this year that I need to probably ship the toys in August next time around to be sure they arrive in time for Christmas 2018.  

These dolls remind me of the 6 beautiful babies I baptized December 17 of last year when I was down in the islands. 
They will make some kids very happy this next Christmas. 

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