Saturday, November 17, 2018



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With all the priest retreats and parish missions behind me for the year, I am so excited about staying home and cleaning house! Now you might think that is tedious and boring, but not for me! I have always done it as a priest over the holidays, but since I have retired, I will enjoy it even more. 
I have four four-drawer filing cabinets that I plan to pare down to one. I have already gotten rid of over one hundred obsolete books that I have been dragging around for years. Now all that correspondence and schedules and old airline tickets, from over a hundred priest retreats and texts for speeches that I have in the computer anyway, are headed for the shredder! Who needs old health insurance papers on insurance I longer carry? Who needs the operating manuals on refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and wash machines. I no longer own? It has always been easier to stick more into the same "appliance folder" than it is to clean out the folder! 
Clothes! I have clothes that are too small for me and clothes that are to big for me - clothes that I haven't worn for years. It's time I get rid of them. If I need a new shirt I will go get one, not rummage through racks of old shirts that I have long since found unwearable. 
Actually, I find it relaxing to "clean house" and it always makes me feel so much better to go into a new year feeling lighter and thinner! It's time to turn up the music, get out the garbage bags and have a good time!

Don't think about calling me! 
All this applies to my house only! 

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