Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Fr. Pat Dolan Publishes His First Book

Father Pat Dolan, a fellow priest of the Archdiocese of Louisville, has published his first book - a good versus evil, fantasy/legend set in the cradle of Catholicism in Kentucky. If you enjoy this genre check it out. Here’s a description. 
Traces of Magic explores the pre-history of Kentucky, a land strangely uninhabited when Europeans came across the Appalachian Mountains, in ways parallel to how epic tales like the “Lord of the Rings” series unlocked the imagination of the British Isles residents to their pre-history. The story follows the struggles of a group of young adults who get caught up in defending the wonders of their land against an assassins’ guild bent on power and profit regardless of the cost. Knights and bards, clergy and users of magic, as well as many ordinary good people all help defend against the diabolic powers working with that guild to enslave the valley by controlling the weather. 
“Coming from the Land where ‘Traces of Magic’ linger, this tale speaks to me.  The connection of brilliant imagination, spiritual truths and grounded humor make it a particularly good read.”  Fr. Terry Bradshaw, pastor of the proto-cathedral in Bardstown, KY

“If you have any love for fantasy or Kentucky you will fall in love with this book.” Paul Harpring, millennial pizza kitchen cook

“Polish the shield and sharpen the sword - a beautiful story that transcends fantasy by blending in the beauty and goodness of our Roman Catholic faith.”  Army veteran Howard Mohn, a Missouri cattle rancher.

Paperback, click HERE.
Kindle eBook, click HERE
Congratulations to Father Dolan and welcome to the world of self-publishing!

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