Thursday, April 4, 2019


A quiet moment on the deck of the Pastoral Centre after lunch.
The Pastoral Centre was a very busy place this week!  

Fergal Redmond (above) and Kimberley Olliver (below) make sure the donations we send down are protected and used as designated. 

Part of the weekday Mass group with Bishop County presiding in Saint James Chapel in the Pastoral Centre. 

Msgr. George Bardowell, the oldest priest of the Diocese. 


Father Elton and Father Mark, two of the four Redemptorist
priests on the Mission team, head out for the first night of their week-long Parish Mission.


Mr. Wendell Edwards, Principle of Saint Martin Secondary School for Boys, Fergal Redmond and Bishop County paying a visit to Saint Martin School to discuss a possible future project below.

Opening night of the 2019 Lenten Parish Mission in Stubbs featuring the Redemptorist priest mission team. 

Father Boniface who oversees the parishes on the islands of Canouan, Mayreau and Union will see to it that the 96 Easter baskets we sent down will be assembled and distributed to the kids on all three islands at the Easter Sunday Masses.

Five of the six boxes of Easter goodies have already arrived at the Pastoral Centre. The sixth and final one should be here this week!
I am excited because I now know they will actually be here in time for Easter! 
Thanks to all who helped with this project! 

Sister Martha, a Saint Joseph of Cluny Sister, teaches the second grade at Saint Mary's School. We dropped off quite a few boxes of pens at the convent for the school kids. The pens are compliments of my youngest brother, Mark. 

Saint Mary's Cathedral Primary School Principal, Ms. Eula Johnny. 

There are more than 500 children in Saint Mary's grade school and believe me thy are packed in to small spaces. Located in a crowded downtown, there is no playground on the campus, just a courtyard between the school and the Cathedral not large enough for any organized sports - except for things like jump rope, hop-scotch and kicking a small ball around - a few kids at a time.  

Saint Mary's School is out for spring break. Here is one of the empty classrooms. We dropped off a box of items for one of the booths at their upcoming June Festival fund-raiser.


This morning, since I was presiding at the 7:30 Mass, I got up at 5:30 and took a cup of coffee out on the deck. This is what I saw - a windjammer ship docked in front of the house. The port is off to the left. In contrast, a small dingy dinghy just passed with two fishermen heading home. 

The new Saint James Chapel we built a few years ago. 

Lots of "Jameses and friends" made it happen!

Waiting for Mass to begin. This is the view from the Chapel. 

Father Mark, Colin and Father Ako

Reader, Jerry Jensen, Bishop County and Father Mark

Father Ako, Bishop County and Father Mark

Bishop County and myself


On Wednesday morning I met with Shanda Boyer, Youth Minister, to check up on our plans for this coming summer's Kids Computer Camps on three of the islands and a Kids Field Day for the orphanages in Georgetown. 
Thank you Beth Kolodey, Karen Crook and Tim Tomes for coming down in July to help with those programs. 


I was happy to see an old friend again, Raphique, on this trip.
I have watched him grow up since I started coming down. 
He is the son of Collitta, the Pastoral Centre cook. 
We were able to sponsor him to go to World Youth Day in Poland a few years back. He is now 21 years old. 
He is a very likable young man and I have great hopes for him. 


Martin Folan, a volunteer from Ireland, celebrated his 74th birthday today. He is in the dark shirt under the yellow plant picture of the wall behind him in the center of the photograph. He went swimming at Bequia Island for the day and joined us for snacks and drinks at the end of the day. 

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