Thursday, September 5, 2019


      They Just Won't Go Home Any More

Even though I lived in the country, I can remember seeing migrating geese flying overhead only a couple of times in my childhood years. I don't remember ever seeing one on a pond or up close. 

Now, they won't go home. They stay year-round because the winter weather is not as harsh here as it used to be. 

I complained to some priests in Canada when I led one of their convocations. "Your Canadian geese will not go home any more and their numbers are growing at an alarming rate!" I was corrected. "They are called Canada geese, not Canadian geese!" I'm not sure I understood the difference, but they sounded like they knew what they were saying so I let it go. 

I counted thirty-six of them at one time the other day on the pond in front of my condo! I like to look at them, but I avoid walking on the grass. They are very dirty animals and they can be brutal to each other when the free food is about to run out! 

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