Tuesday, March 16, 2021


 Random Post-Panic Pandemic Reflections



Recently, while trying to maintain my sanity during this COVID-19 pandemic, I had time to post a list of some of my "life's unanswered questions."  I listed (11) questions altogether. Well, you should have suspected that there would be more! Let me start where I left off! 

(12) Why do so many people pronounce the word "asked" as "axed.?" If a person "axed" a question, did they take a hatchet to it and chopped it up? 

(13) Why do people park their grocery carts in the middle of the isle and then go off and look for something until you drag their cart out of the way and they come back to it and say predictably, "Oh, sorry!"  "If you are so "sorry," why do you repeat the process in the next five isles before you check out?"  

(14) Why do some of those poor guys who hold up "homeless" signs in the intersection insist on smoking a cigarette for the world to see while waiting for people to give them some change? I want to stop and give them a dollar and this free tip on fundraising. "Look, friend, people know that cigarettes are expensive! They are not going to give you money for food if they see you wasting it on cigarettes! At least go somewhere out of sight, maybe behind the bushes, for a smoke! That might help you bring in more cash!" 

(15) Does anybody ever actually win a Readers Digest Sweepstakes? Really, would you open your front door to a bunch of giggling strangers carrying roses and balloons and expect them to hand you $5,000-A-Week-For-Life? Would it not be better to call the police? 

(16) One of the downsides of using a treadmill in front of the TV in the afternoon is what's available to watch! Why do so many lawyers advertise during the afternoon when there are so many shows like "Maury" and "Jerry Springer" showcasing simpleminded people who are so willing to have their stupidity "used" in front of an even more half-witted audience willing to cheer them on? 

(17) Why would anyone fall for an on-line scammer offering to give them $10,000,000.00 on their deathbeds if they would just send them their bank account information and Social Security number so they can "deposit" it? Are there that many stupid people out there roaming our streets? Never mind! I think I already know the answer to this one! 

(18) Another one of the downsides of using a treadmill in front of the TV in the evening is again what's available to watch! I am still waiting for just one successful marriage on "Love at First Sight" and "Forty Day Romance." With that much gullibility and naivete going around, maybe the old "arranged marriages" were not such a bad idea after all! Shouldn't they just let people with more sense find them a life partner! Wouldn't that cause less hysteria, heartache and ruin? 

(19) What makes us fascinated with "train wrecks," "car crashes" and other horrible disasters that other people experience?  Whoever thought we would have popular TV programs today like "Doctor Pimple Popper" where we can watch a dermatological surgeon remove huge lipomas, cysts and blackheads from other people's bodies? Who ever thought we would have popular TV programs like "Ridiculousness" where we can watch people being set up for possibly life-threatening falls, crashes and misshapes for others to laugh at?  Who ever thought we would have popular TV programs today like "My Feet Are Killing Me" where we could watch two podiatrist surgeons tackle the extreme and bizzare foot deformities of desperate patients? They all seem to be associated with "schadenfreude," "the taking pleasure in the sufferings of others." Why are these kinds of TV programs proliferating in such numbers? 

(20) What's wrong with me that I would even notice such stuff, much less write about it? Maybe that's a question none of us should touch?  No, don't even think about it! 

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