Saturday, March 20, 2021



Seminarian J. Ronald Knott

present owner

Patrick Murphy
Indianapolis, Indiana

I did not know this painting existed until it came up in a conversation with my classmate, Pat Murphy, up in Indianapolis. When he sent me a picture of it, I asked him: "Who did it? When he answered: "You!" I was amazed! 
 I don't remember painting it, but it had to have been in art class at Saint Meinrad College. I attended college there in 1965-1966 and had Father Gavin Barnes OSB as our art teacher. I must have given it to Pat about 50 + years ago and forgot all about it. It hangs in his house today. 

A couple of years ago, another friend down in Monticello told me that he had bought a framed pen and ink drawing in a second store that I had signed. I drew it about the same time as the oil painting above. I do remember drawing it in that same art class, but I had forgotten about it too. I had obviously given it to someone in Somerset or Monticello between 1970 -1980 who gave it away or sold it. My friend recognized my name and bought it and still has it on his walls. 

I was very interested in art during that period of my life, but other interests took priority as I got older. Maybe art is something I can go back to when I get really, really, really old? 

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