Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bless Me Doctor...

... for I have failed to floss as I should! I firmly resolve to floss more often and to amend my life when it comes to oral hygiene! Amen!
As I was sitting in the dentist chair preparing for my routine cleaning, it occurred to me that it was so much like going to confession. I went in knowing that I had intended to do better than last time when it came to flossing, but I also knew that I had failed yet again in spite of the fact that I had "firmly resolved" to do better the next time.

I dreaded to hear what the doctor was going to say to me about my recent dental indiscretions. Like a good priest, he gently reminded me to do better without making me feel terrible about it. For my penance, he gave me a new tooth brush, a small tube of toothpaste and some floss - always the floss - and a pep talk about the advantages of the sonic tooth brush!

Like a good confession, I felt cleaner on my way home with a renewed pledge to "avoid the near occasions of plaque" and to floss, floss, floss!
Here is my capable dental hygienist, Kaiya, digging in! Those instruments are sharp and she seems to be enjoying it waaaaay too much!

My wonderful dentist, Dr. Wilson Stemm  ( who took over from his father, Dr. Stephen Stemm, who took over from his father who was also a dentist. It's a family thing! It's worth the trip to New Albany and just a few blocks from the Sherman-Minton bridge.

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