Monday, March 20, 2017


Part of the Saint Agnes Parish Staff at Lunch

Robert, Youth Minister and Ivy, my help organizing the Parish Mission. 

Dr. Cecilia Anzures and Mr. Jeff Antle let me use their Smart Car while I am in Naples. 
Good thing it doesn't take a smart person to use it!

Cecilia and Jeff were former parishioners at the Cathedral. They are also letting me use their guesthouse for two night before the St. Agnes Parish Mission and two night afterwards. Jeff taxis me from and to the airport.

I preached at five weekend Masses to prepare people for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Parish Mission.

Starting Monday morning and ending Wednesday evening, I will give a conference in the morning and repeat it in the evening for all three days.
In Part Two I will have some pictures from the conferences themselves so stay tuned.

All stipends will be going to my island mission projects. 

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