Sunday, March 19, 2017


Saint Agnes Parish in Naples has about 4500 families.
I preached at 6 of the 8 Masses of the weekend. I did not do the Spanish or Latin Masses.

On Saturday night the parish held a Tenth Anniversary Gala. I attended and sat at the table as a guest of the pastor Father Bob Kantor.

On my left is a monsignor who decided to wear some pretty nice formal wear.

Looking at the rear of the church from the Parish Offices.

People gathering for one of the Sunday morning Masses. All the Masses were full.

Gathering in front oif the church before Mass. That's Father Orsi in the cassock.
He is a charming priest from Italy and one oif the three associate pastors of St. Agnes.

Some of the many sacristans getting things ready for Mass. All the readings and hymns, as well as many announcements, are projected onto four huge screens throughout the church. The responses are also projected so there is very little need for hymn books and printed materials. The weekly bulletin to take home is about 24 pages.

Ladies selliung already prepared Easter Baskets for one of the many organizations in the parish.

Teenagers preparing on a Sunday afternoon for the Good Friday Passion play they will offer during Holy Week. 

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