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You can hardly read it, but the logo on the side says
R J MISSION PROJECTS which is my sister organization to CATHOLICS SECOND WIND GUILD. 
It is a win/win/win situation. 
We bought the motor because the fisherman had a boat and no motor = no way to make a living fishing. 
Father Rex had no way to get to his churches on the other islands because he did not have a boat.
The fisherman is making a living. Father Rex gets to church. The fisherman puts a little aside from his profits in a fund to replace the motor. 
It is a model for how I see our work in the Caribbean missions. 

Father Rex (left) Percey Forde (fisherman)

This is how Father Rex Ramos gets round Union Island itself where he lives about 75% of the time. It has been motorized by a small gas engine and rear view mirrors, all required to get it registered as a "car." What you can't see is how bald the tires are because of the sharp shell-rocks with which the roads are paved. These were bought "used." 
It chugs and struggles to get up the hills all over the island.  I suspect that it is on its last leg, even though Father Rex keeps it maintained and painted up from the salt air. 
What he really needs is a  Polaris  Ranger 4 x 4 golf cart. 

How about a group of you good Catholic golfers out there, getting together and get this missionary priest volunteering from the Philippines a new Polaris Ranger?  If he had one, he could not only get around the island, he could pick up elderly parishioners and bring them to church. Sadly, there is no public transportation on Sundays and they cannot walk that far, so they often have to miss church. Maybe Father Rex could charge a very modest fare to help fund maintenance and repairs. 
We will put the name of your "group" on the side! 


Arriving in Saint Vincent Island from Union Island on the morning SVG AIRLINES flight. 
I spent two nights and a day visiting Father Rex Ramos.  See yesterday's post.  Stay tuned because tomorrow night there will be a lot of photos and news. 

Bishop County and I drove down to the Wednesday night prayer meeting at the Soup Kitchen. 
It was breaking up as we arrived.  I led the service the last time I was down. 

I met a new friend, Malia. She is called "Mala" by the other kids. 

Malia stared at me continuously. I think it was because she was not used to seeing white men up close with a little sunburn. It could be because she was not used to looking at old people that close up?  Unlike the other two nine year olds I met, she was very quiet, just staring intently. 

The other boy and girl were very talkative. They like school.  She is one month older and a bit taller than he. They are in the third grade. The boy wanted a bicycle for Christmas. The little girl wanted a bake set that "made real cakes" and a "small sewing machine." I hope they get what they want.  She will no doubt become a chef and clothes designer,  

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