Friday, January 5, 2018



My least favorite island airline is LIAT - Leeward Island Air Transport. The locals, because of its unreliable schedules, call it LIAT Leaving Islands at Any Time!

My new favorite island hopper is SVG AIRLINES. It is much smaller, and a bit more expensive, but more friendly, helpful and reliable, The only problem, you might have to make two to three island 15 minute stops getting to where you are going.

The inside a SVG AIRLINE plane holds about 20 people. The cockpit is wide open. Their idea of security is much more relaxed than ours!

On my trip in, I had a direct SVG AIR flight from Barbados to Union for two nights and then on to the new airport on St. Vincent Island.

On my way back to Barbados to catch my American Airline home, we made a stop in
Canouan Island.

We made another stop in Union Island before heading to Barbados. I had been on Union Island the first two nights of this trip so it was like backtracking a bit even though I never got off the plane.

American Airlines flies directly from Miami to Barbados and Trinidad and directly from Charlotte to Saint Lucia. Charlotte is a much easier airport to manage customs. Miami is usually a nightmare no matter how you cut the cake. Saint. Lucia has a local airport at one end of the island and the international airport at the other end with an hour and fifteen minute taxi ride - a strange set up to say the least.
On my next trip, I am flying from Louisville to Charlotte to Saint Lucia and back. I won't have time to go over the St. Vincent. I will be leading the priest retreat for the priests of the Archdiocese of Castries, Saint Lucia. We had to cancel it last September because of the hurricanes.
It should be an easy trip because it is American Airlines all the way!


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