Thursday, October 3, 2019


Help Us Find Some More Good Used Laptops! 

Get yourself a new one for Christmas and we'll take your old one in good condition. 
Even better, sponsor a new one for our kids computer camp 2020. 

We have collected fifteen laptops for use down in the Caribbean Missions, but as you an see from the photos below, those interested in learning out-number our available laptops. 

Our volunteers on the island of Canouan in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines last summer

To learn faster, each student needs to have a computer to herself. Looking at someone else use a computer is not the same as having one to use yourself. 

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Parish on the island of Canouan

Let's try to get fifteen more used laptops before next summer! 
Ask around! Put the word out! Help some poor kids learn and connect to the world! 

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