Saturday, December 12, 2015

December in the Missions Daily Diary - DAY SIX

DAY SIX - Saturday, December 12, 2015

With the Retreat Ended, I Made Time For A
Day Trip to the Island of Bequia - Next Island Over - With My Irish Volunteer Friends, Fergal and Martin.

Bequia, that's it in the shadows! That's where we were headed today.

Looking back at Kingstown, we set out for Bequia on the ferry.

With my sea-sick pill inside me, Martin, the other Irish volunteer comforts me about not getting sea sick.

Bequia, seemed a lot better off financially than St. Vincent, but it was still a study in contrasts. Expensive yachts from all over the world and shanty homes, beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, friendly people and European tourists, honking horns and driving on the left, buildings needing attention and funny home made signs were everywhere. The people talk to each other on the streets, greet strangers and laugh a lot among themselves!

A parked yacht from New Zealand. 

Princess Margaret Beach

Getting from one beach to the next is not always an easy path to walk.

I believe this man on his porch is a Rastafarian. Rastifarianism began in the slums of Jamaica in the 1920s and 30s.  

Mr. B S Barbeque? Owensboro, stand aside!

"Darkie D's Cool Spot"

Dee Dee used to be a diver, but ruined one of her eardrums, so she got into the water taxi business. Her cell phone is water protected and it floats! She must have learned the hard way!

The islands only Catholic Church with the school and rectory above it on the left and extra classroom on the right. 

Fergal, Martin and I stopped for a coffee after we landed - and had lunch later on. They had chicken and chips, barracuda and chips and I had lobster and pasta. 

They were taking the ex-Prime Minister's wife to her place of rest. 
The funeral took place in the main Anglican Church, the predominant Church in these islands. Many politicians from the main island of St. Vincent attended.


Having had a wonderful day on Bequai, we took the 4:30 ferry back to St. Vincent and got home @6:00.


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