Tuesday, January 12, 2016


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"I can take reality in small doses, but as a way of life I find it much too confining!"
"Trudy," a Lily Tomlin character

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Ever wonder about the fact that the words obvious and oblivious are so close?

Getting ready to move from the sacristy into the Cathedral to be ordained a priest after 12 years of preparation, I look like I am going to a hanging! Did I smell a rat or was I just taking things seriously? 

Haven't we all had that feeling of winning and losing at the same time? 

"Does she have any idea just how sharp those tools are?"

We all know the type! They are the last to "get it!" 

One of the problems with talking about God all the time is the pitfall of starting to think you are a god! I try to void that at all costs! It wouldn't work anyway! 

"Michael, not everything you are proud of should be shown to your mother!" 

Some new ideas are just plain bad! 

Ever tried to be helpful and wished you hadn't? 

Obviously oblivious!

Damn! Out-dressed at another party! What was I thinking when I chose black - again? 

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