Thursday, December 8, 2016


Some sights to help distract you from the fact that you are probably not going to make your connection in Chicago - again!

A night view of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan from the left side of the plane as it banks left for an approach
to the runway, off to the top left. 

A night view from the left side of the plane as it approaches the runway. 

A marvelous view of the tunnel under the tarmac between Terminal B and C.  

Just one view of the chaos of "luggage world." It's a wonder that more luggage is not lost! 

A view of some very outdated technology - payphones! I've never actually seen anyone using a payphone in an airport. 

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! 
 For that matter, neither have I actually seen a person who wasn't talking on a cell phone in an airport! My question is, who are the people on the other end listening to all their blabbing? Are there actually people bored enough to be interested in their every move? For obsessive "blabbers," cellphones are like oxygen masks! They must feel they will die if they turned them off! 

A view of the biggest temptation in at least two O'Hare Airport Terminals - caramel corn from Garrett's. 
It's "to die for"... and too much of it could possibly kill you for that matter! I've gotten close several times and I didn't think I liked caramel corn all that much! 

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