Monday, March 21, 2022


After a Volcano Eruption - Our "Star" is Rising From the Ashes

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
Sandy Bay, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

In this small village of Sandy Bay, Catholics used the top floor of this building as their church, while Anglicans use the bottom floor as their church. 
This is only one of the small community churches that suffered damage, but one we spent a lot of time, effort and resources on a few years ago. When it was done, we were so very proud of what we had accomplished. Remembering the times I celebrated Mass there and stood on that balcony talking to people, it was personally heart-breaking to see how much damage had occurred to it. We are thrilled to see, now that the volcano is dormant again and COVID is subsiding, that they are progressing on making it "whole" again. 

 Below are two pictures of our finished renovation with  statues, ceiling fans, stations of the cross, new paint and floor finishing and beautiful used red chairs from our Cathedral in Louisville.  

Below is a picture of what most of the island of St. Vincent looked like as the ash was falling from the exploding volcano. It went on for weeks. 

Below is the collapsed roof of Our Lady Star of the Sea Church from the weight of 18" inches of volcanic ash landing on it. Notice how deep the volcanic ash is on the floor. Just to think that our beautiful red Cathedral chairs are crushed under the weight of that roof and ash! 

The statues at the front of the church and the terrazzo floor were spared. The chairs, altar furniture, ceiling fans and stations of the cross were a total loss. 

Below is a picture of the reconstruction going on now. Notice the new concrete pillars that will hold up the new roof. Rather than a nearly-flat roof like before, the new roof will be more "pitched" and able to shed volcanic ash as it falls if there were to be another eruption. 

 Even though I am no longer leading priest retreats all over the United States and Canada to make
money for the island missions, if you are moved to help with this renovation project I am sure that that little parish would be most appreciative. Even though I am no longer making trips down there, I can still forward deposits to their account with any help you might want to send them. 

 "Saint Bartholomew Church - SVG Mission Account" 

Rev. Ronald Knott
1271 Parkway Gardens Court
Louisville, KY 40217 

Most of us don't know how good we have it compared to the rest of the world!
Out of gratitude, I plan on personally sending them some more help. Join me if you can!  

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