Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Memphis On My MInd"- "Second time Around Time Tour" #5

Priest June Study Days

Fourth Part-Day Study Day

Part II
"Claiming Our Responsible Freedom as Individual Priests"

Rev. J. Ronald Knott
June 6-9, 2016 

"No one can replace us in the responsible freedom that we have as individual priests."
Pastores Dabo Vobis #69

June 9
9:00 am
You Don’t Have the Luxury of Coming Unglued

Below, we did a lot of studying this week - eight conferences in all!

Below: besides, studying, praying and eating, priests like to socialize.

After a hard day of study and prayer, the "hospitality room" was open for anyone who felt like dropping in.

It's a southern thing - sitting in the porch rocker after dinner.

A couple of "wild and crazy guys" from Poland.

The parishioners from the local parish of Our Lady of America in Savannah treated all of us to a steak dinner after Mass together with them.

The pastor, Father Francis from Nigeria, celebrated the Mass and delivered a well-thought-out homily.

Closing Reflections

Thank you Memphis! It was good to "have you on my mind" again!

I would especially like to thank Bishop Terry Steib for his warm welcome and Father Carl Hood for his excellent organization. From my perspective, the week went very well. I was honored to be invited back for the second year in a row.

Bishop Terry Steib, beloved bishop of Memphis and a wonderful man.

Father Carl Hood

The long drive home will give me time to reflect and savor some of the wonderful moments of my week with my brother priests of the Diocese of Memphis.

This is the last priest convocation of the spring season. I am looking forward to being home for a while to rest up, redo all my presentation, update them and prepare myself for another very busy fall season of traveling, speaking, preaching and mission work.

What a rich and rewarding retirement this is - getting to do so many of the things I love to do in such a variety of locations. I feel very blessed. I am grateful.

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