Saturday, May 27, 2017


After three priest retreats in four weeks, I am ready for a rest. In the last TWO weeks alone I have given twenty retreat conferences and preached nine times!

I travel a lot for work, but this will be my first real vacation in four or five years.

Since I am already in Vancouver and the Archdiocese of Vancouver has paid my airfare, I decided to take the cruise to Alaska. I probably would never fly out here just to take a cruise, but it makes sense under these conditions.
Father Tom Clark of Bardstown is flying up to join me. We will board the ship, NIEUW AMSTERDAM, May 27 for Alaska and disembark back in Vancouver on June 3 and fly home on June 4.

My last cruise was the year I celebrated my 25th anniversary - 1995. It is only right that I celebrate my retirement even if it is three years late, The original celebration (a trip to France) was cancelled because of a blood clot in my left leg two days before I was to leave. I thank God I checked it out, as I was hospitalized a few days, or I might have died on that plane.

This blog may enter a "sleep mode" for a few days - just like me - depending on the availability of electronic data on the cruise ship. If possible, I may send a few photos. Otherwise, if you don't hear from me till June 5, don't panic and send out the search dogs.

Myself - moments after leaving Vancouver.

Father Tom Clark with Vancouver in the background - ready to sail. See the flag of The Netherlands on the back of the boat. The company is Holland-America Lines

Having a Gin and Tonic in honor of my Irish  friend  down in the islands. 

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  1. I can't see any Caribbean lemon or lime slices in your drink Father.....perhaps it's water you are drinking