Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Archdiocese of Vancouver Priest Retreat
Group Two
May 22 - 26, 2017
Westminster Abbey
A Benedictine Abbey of the Swiss American Congregation - like Saint Meinrad Archabbey.
Westminster Abbey was founded by the monks of Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon

The stipends for these retreats will be used in my ministry in the island missions of the Caribbean. It is part of the needed funds to send a 40'  shipping container of surplus medical supplies, used laptops for two computer camps, a dozen office chairs for the diocesan chancery, sixty stacking chairs for the new chapel that we are building and some wonderful brass liturgical furnishings for that new chapel. 

Archbishop Michael Miller CSB and myself.

Preparing the gifts for the daily concelebrated retreat Mass in the Abbey Church

Preparing to go out for daily Mass

In the two weeks I presented these retreats, I preached eight times and delivered twenty presentations. This was definitely the most talking  have done in any of the hundred plus  priest retreats/convocations.
Only a crazy person would even attempt it! The priests at home would have killed me!

On a couple of evenings, some of us went down to the bottom of the hill to a pub for wings and beers.

A view from the monastery over the Fraser River valley.

A prayerful path up to the lookout over the river.

Week Two - Left Side

Week Two - Right Side

You've heard of the BACK STREET BOYS? These are the BACK SEAT BOYS!

Part of the week two group lining up for Mass in the Abbey Church

International Priests: India, Kenya, India and India. Father James from Kenya was absolutely so much fun to be around - a real comedian.

We slipped out of the retreat a couple of nights to get a drink at the pub at the bottom of the hill.
These priests came from (left to right) Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Congo.

Abbey Church on the right and Guest House on the left.

The grounds were beautiful with flowers everywhere - the result of the moderate climate along Canada's west coast, lots of rain and so hard working young  Benedictine Brothers.

Grave stone of one of the early monks of Westminster Abbey - Father Aidan Angel OSB, born February 17, 1890, died May 24, 1965.

Driving back into Vancouver from  the retreat with Father James Hughes. 

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