Thursday, June 7, 2018



On Tuesday night, I picked up Inge and Birgit, blood sisters, from near Stuttgart, Germany, at the airport. They have been touring parts of eastern Canada and the United States. 

I met Inge at Taize, France, around 1975 when I used to go there almost every summer between 1971-1976. I have visited her and her parents, Helmut and Anny, in Germany and they have visited me several times here in the United States: Monticello, Calvary and here in Louisville when I was pastor of the Cathedral. 
I met Birgit when I visited her family, but this is her first trip to Kentucky. 
Sadly, both Helmut and Anny have passed away, but they always spoke with great affection about their trips to Kentucky.  
It was a highlight of their lives, I am told. They always talked about it in such detail to people who would listen. 

Birgit is a children's social worker and Inge is a retired school teacher. 

In front of my garage at the condo!

Breakfast at Panera's first morning! 

Inge and I in front of the pool at my condo complex! 
I haven't used it in years! Gained too much weight, I guess!

Father Oyler visited Inge and her parents in Germany after meeting here in 
Louisville when several of us priests had cottages on Lake Hurricane near Boston, Kentucky. It is amazing how many graves we visited of people they got to know over the years. 
Looking at his tombstone, we noticed that it was his birthday

Father David Stoltz visited Inge, Birgit and their parents with me on one of my trips to Germany. They, too, met at Lake Hurricane when they visited me in the United States. 
Amazingly enough, it was Father David Stoltz's birthday as well! 

They met Archbishop Kelly when they stayed at the Cathedral Rectory when they visited me after I  moved from Calvary to Louisville. 

Before that, they visited me in Monticello when I was stationed there. While they were in Monticello, I took them to Somerset to meet my German friends, Agnes and Gerhard Abbing, who are buried in Saint Michael Cemetery right behind my condo. We stopped by their graves, as well. 

Talking on the deck with a little afternoon tea - before a swim in the pool! 

My turn to cook - salmon, rice, corn on the cob, tomato and fresh mozzarello salad, ice cream, wine and beer.  

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